Our Core Values



We embrace the truth that all people are created in God’s image
and celebrate the diversity of every nationality and culture.



We invest in ways to engage and encourage people of all ages
to grow spiritually and to equip everyone to be able to
serve God and others according to His will.

Holy Spirit Led

We depend on the Holy Spirit to provide

power, inspiration, conviction and leadership.


Biblically Based

We believe, study, and teach the Bible as the inspired Word of God,
using it as our moral compass and the ultimate truth.

Missions Minded

We share God’s love and truth daily among our family, friends,
communities and the world through our words and actions.

Selflessly Giving

We sacrificially, generously and cheerfully give our time,
talents and resources to love those around us like Jesus loves us.


We build genuine, encouraging relationships with others
in our lives because we know that we were not created to live this life alone.

Consistent in Prayer

We maintain a constant dialogue with God in thought,
word and deed, because He is our source of wisdom,
encouragement and power.

Equipping and Empowering

We strive to help people discover, develop
and utilize their talents to love the church, the community and the world,
believing that all have been blessed with God’s unique gifts.