2019 Sermons

January 6. Prayer: Abraham. Pastor Chris Mallett
January 13. Prayer: David. Pastor Chris Mallett
January 20. Due to the snow, service was cancelled.
January 27. Prayer: Saul. Pastor Richard Brooks
February 3. Prayer: Job. Pastor Chris Mallett
February 10. Prayer: Moses. Pastor Chris Mallett
February 17. Prayer: Jacob. Pastor Chris Mallett
February 24. Prayer: The Lord’s Prayer. Pastor Chris Mallett
Due to a technical error, the message from March 3 is unable to be uploaded. For a CD copy of the final message of this series (titled “Adam and Eve”) please contact the Church Office.
On March 10, our service was cancelled due to icy road conditions.
March 17. The Holy Spirit. Pastor Chris Mallett
March 24. What is Prophecy? Rev. John Mallett
March 31. Prophetic Conference. Pastors Bill and Linda Johnson
Due to the length of this service, the sermon audio is in two parts.
April 7. Pastor Chris Mallett. 
April 14. Palm Sunday. Pastor Richard Brooks. Monologues performed by Heidi and Mia.
Due to the nature of our Easter service, with dance and musical specials in between sermonettes, each sermonette is individually listed.
April 21. Easter Sunday. Pastor Chris Mallett
Sermonette: Why did Jesus Come? Pastor Chris
Sermonette: The Tomb is Empty! He is Risen! Pastor Chris
Sermonette: Leave the Empty Tomb. Arise & Go! Pastor Chris
April 28. Worship Sunday. No audio available.
May 5. Impact. Pastor Chris Mallett.
May 12. Invest. Pastor Chris Mallett.
May 19. Ignite. Pastor Chris Mallett.
May 26. FCA & Beyond. Pastor Chris Mallett.
June 2. James: Living Faith. Pastor Chris Mallett. 
June 9. James: Living Faith: Hearing and Doing the Word. Pastor Chris Mallett.
June 16. James: Living Faith: Treat Everyone the Same. Pastor Chris Mallett.
June 23. James: Living Faith: Faith Without Works is Dead. Pastor Chris Mallett.
June 30. [Special] Transitions: Graduate Service. Pastor Chris Mallett, with testimonies throughout.
July 7. James: Living Faith: Taming the Tongue. Pastor Chris Mallett.
July 21. [Special] Renewing Your Mind. Rev. John Mallett.
July 28. James: Living Faith: God’s Wisdom. Pastor Chris Mallett.
August 4. James: Living Faith: Warning Against Worldliness. Pastor Chris Mallett.
August 11. James: Living Faith: Lessons in Godly Character. Pastor Chris Mallett.
August 18. Outdoor Baptismal Service. 
September 1. Family of God: Consistency.  Pastor Chris Mallett
September 8. Family of God: Encouragement. Pastor Chris Mallett
September 15. Family of God: Strong Foundation. Pastor Chris Mallett
September 22. Family of God: Listening. Pastor Chris Mallett
September 29. Family of God: Transparency. Pastor Chris Mallett
October 6. Family of God: Love Covers. Pastor Chris Mallett
October 13. Holy Spirit. John Mallett
October 20. I Doubt It. Pastor Chris Mallett.
October 27. I Doubt It. What is Truth? Pastor Chris Mallett.
November 3. I Doubt It. Why is There Evil and Suffering? Pastor Chris Mallett.
November 10. I Doubt It. When Your Dream Dies. Pastor Chris Mallett.
Due to Technical difficulties, this sermon is in two recordings. Sorry for the inconvenience.
November 17. I Doubt It. Why Doesn’t God Always Answer My Prayers? Pastor Chris Mallett.
November 24. Worship Sunday. Guest Missionary Denny Seler.
December 1. God Promised. I Promise. — “…To be with us” Pastor Chris Mallett
December 8. God Promised. I Promise. — “…To Forgive Us” Pastor Chris Mallett
December 15. God Promised. I Promise. — “…To Supply our Needs” Pastor Chris Mallett
December 22nd. God Promised. I Promise. Pastor Chris Mallett
Sermonette: … To be Faithful
Sermonette: … To be Joyful
Sermonette: … To be Triumphant
December 29. God Promised. I Promise.
Sermonette: “The Promise of Bethlehem” Pastor Richard Brooks
Sermonette: “The Promise of Emmanuel” Pastor Chris Mallett