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Our Mission

To Ignite:

To be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit through passionate worship and a lifestyle of prayer.
To Invest:
To provide opportunities to receive practical knowledge of the Bible and to develop commuted relationships with each other.
To Impact:
To follow God’s voice to supply for the needs of people He designed for us in our community.

Our Vision:

to show our community the love of Jesus

To some that may be a very simple statement, but to put that into practice is a life-long challenge. 1 Corinthians 13 is very specific in how one must approach showing love and that first means dying to self, just like Jesus died for us, and embracing the fact that our time on earth is short. Our job as servants of God is to find out what he wants us to do and do it with all our might. The will know we are Christians by our love. Our goal is to make sure that every ministry first passes the test of providing opportunities to show our community the love of Jesus.